Cannot Stop the Battery

We met for about an hour this morning since Zach was back and had to update himself with the status of everyone else. I loaded right up to go to Oakland, and then Gary gave me a couple new rack-mount batteries to install. It wasn’t too stressful yet, but the rain and humidity made me start pouring sweat.

I made it back to the shop for lunch with Zach, Brody, and Thomas at Quiznos. It was Thomas’s birthday, so Tammy brought cake for him when we got back to the shop. Then I spent the rest of the day finishing up what I could at Oakland.

Eaddie had tennis practice again, so I went home to change before picking her up. Then I went to my parents’ house to eat some spring rolls while I waited for her to finish. Autumn was cooking a surprise pasta dinner when we finally got back to their house, so they ate when Summer got home. Then everyone made it to bed pretty early.

It’s only like two weeks late!

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