Sunday, Boring Sunday…

I seem to have lost my motivation this weekend. I can’t find anything to keep my attention for very long. So many things I’d like to accomplish, and it’s impossible to get started on even one of them. I did finally manage to do a water change on my aquarium. Lucky fish.

My parents just got home from the Eureka Springs Cavalcade of Magic, so I went to their house to return their rice pot. Mom started grilling me about phones, so I checked her front door on a whim and found her new LG G6 had been delivered on Friday. It absolutely refused to pull alarms, apps, and settings from her old phone via the LG transfer app, so I just entered them in manually.

Afterward, we all met Julie and her boyfriend Andy at Linh Vietnamese Cuisine for some good old home cooking. I’ve got to remember that I don’t love their bún bò Huế. I don’t hate it, but it’s one of my least favorite things on the menu, so I left a bit dissatisfied, which is in stark contrast with the usual.

To finish the evening, I filed my taxes, but I found an error in how Credit Karma Tax was calculating my HSA contributions. The good news is that I owe $3 instead of $233. The bad news is that I’ve already filed, and will have to amend to get my money back. Yay government.

Grumble, grumble, death, and taxes.

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