Back to the grind today. At least it gets me out of the house.

I loaned some money to a friend today. It never even occurs to me that this is a thing you can do. I always just made it work somehow. It can’t all be good fortune for me to be stable enough to do that. Maybe they need to spend more time in school teaching money management and accountability. These people can’t be spending their whole lives living paycheck to paycheck. That just doesn’t seem healthy.

After lunch, I took apart a teacher’s laptop to try and repair the DC jack. It’s amazing how little care is put into designing one of the weakest and most important points in a laptop. Fortunately it was much easier to get to the part than I had expected, and thanks to Amazon Prime, I’ll have the new one in just a couple days.

Mom called after work and had me come over to help her some more with her new phone. It’s not even that different, but she has trouble with the little changes because she doesn’t try to do anything herself. #generationprobs

Then I ate the spaghetti she made, and returned home for #laundryday #cleansocks.

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