For the Times They Are A-Changin’

Today was a lot of fun. Jason, Amanda, and I got to go to Conway for a vendor’s open house and meet-and-greet. We got to check out their new facility and demo a bunch of display tech, but most importantly they grilled lunch. For a decent sized event, they didn’t have any music going outside, so I did them the courtesy of scanning for devices I could commandeer, and whipped out some Feelin Good in the ’90s jams.

After lunch, we headed back to the shop to work out the rest of the day, and Zach and I got into another one of our trademarked religiosity talks where he tries to convince me that I should have a backup plan, and I try to explain to him that being dead is just like not having been born yet. I was reminded of The Egg by Andy Weir. I felt like it was a feel-good short story about how we’re all connected, even though we may not know it, or understand why. It made me think about how it would be nice just to be the good we want to see in the whole world rather than worry about who has the better origin story.

After work, I headed home to wind down. At one point, I heard my aunt talking to someone outside. She’s been trying to cut down the trees in my yard, which I hate because I love the tall trees in the neighborhood. She’s so worried that they’ll fall onto the house in a storm, but methinks the oak knows better, and it would be such a shame to stunt my maple brother in the front. We compromised at $700 to fell a sweet gum tree in the back yard, and trim three more. Roll with the punches.

In the evening, I took some time to resurrect the Legacy Galloping Cow website. It’s nice to have a home for it again, even if it is without any real purpose.

But what does it all matter if I’m just going to be reincarnated as Zach in the next life anyway?

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