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Jack and Nichole came through town on the way to visit family for the weekend, and we met for lunch at Cracker Barrel. Penny’s still learning how to eat. If you ask me, I think they just got a defective model but they don’t want to return it because this one’s so cute.

Afterward I stopped by Apex to see the guys there. Eric, Jordan, and I went out back to throw a frisbee around for a while. I had been playing through a headache that started when I left the restaurant, so after a little while I decided to head back home for the day.

This evening I finally gave up on my video card and contacted customer service for an RMA. I forgot that I had this card replaced once before, but it has a lifetime warranty and I’ve overall been super happy with it. I tried installing a Radeon HD 7950 I had lying around, and even tried removing the cooling assembly to reapply some new thermal paste, but I could never get the system to power on with it installed. I settled for another significantly lower end video card I got from scrap at the school just so I’d have something to work with until I get my replacement.

The good news is that I got some new feather pillows in today from Meh. I’m not sure I love the texture of them, but we’ll see tonight.

Would it help if I turned a sad song on?

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