Idle Mornings and Disappointing Afternoons

Day two of testing was more or less uneventful. The computer I imaged last night was up and running, much to my relief. The principals invited my group to eat lunch with them, where Beacon Printing was grilling burgers and hot dogs. They also gave me an awesome RTIC stainless steel cup with a cyclone etched into the side. Class act.

After school, I stopped in the hallway to talk to one of the teachers and was blown away when he told me that evolution wasn’t even being mentioned in school here. I remember going through high school when my science teacher, Amy Smith, prefaced the lesson on natural selection with how she knew it was a bummer, but she had to cover the material, so just hang on for the ride. I didn’t like that comment then, and based on what I’ve read this evening, it may have even been unconstitutional. I absolutely¬†hate that I am constantly surrounded by what I perceive to be ignorance for the sake of faith. I’ve known enough religious people that weren’t blinded by the idea that their beliefs weren’t necessarily to be taken literally, that I have a reasonable expectation for people to have some sense, but things like this really irritate me. How are we supposed to grow as a civilization with this bible belt strangling the critical thinking out of us? It’s completely insane. I feel like I’m taking crazy pills.

Imagine there’s no Yoo-hoo…

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