End of the Year Review: Year 1

We had a big assembly today to sort of celebrate the end of the year. It was discouraging to hear some of my team fuss over it beforehand, because it seemed like a decent enough event to me. There wasn’t a huge amount of fanfare, but those that were retiring were paraded across the stage as their superiors said words. Employees of the year were recognized, and received some small tokens as well. It’s tough for small departments like ours where we basically have to rotate each other through the process for employee of the month awards, but even in my first year here, I could tell Gary was deserving of the recognition of overall employee of the year. He may put on a grumpy hat most days, but he’s truly one of the greatest guys I’ve ever known, and I’m happy to get to work with him after all these years after graduating together. I never even knew he was that much of a tech guy, but he’s about as sysadmin as you can get.

We got to go home a bit early after the assembly, but I didn’t bother to use any of that time to actually clean the house like I intended. Jesica came over after work, and we went to Walmart to pick up some food for MOOvie Night tomorrow. We ran into Kevin and Brandi, but he has other plans tomorrow. Hopefully I get at least a couple newcomers though.

What’s the difference between a technology tech in this district and a large, deep dish, pepperoni pizza from Domino’s Pizza?

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