Moovie Night VII: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

It finally happened, after all those failures to launch. It’s MOOvie night.

Work was incredibly slow, with most of the schools having activity days celebrating the end of the year. The real work started once I got home.

Jesica came over after work to help prepare her dishes, and then picked up Will after he finished closing the store. Mayra came over as soon as she got out of her store. All the food turned out pretty awesome.

I made a mix of differently seasoned  chicken breasts, some pre-pattied beef/pork burgers from Walmart that were both time-saving and delicious, and the always-loved jalapeño cheddar smoked sausages. The cheese dip was on point with a touch of chili and cream cheese with jalapeños.

I saved Jesica’s twice-baked potato casserole from being a once-baked potato casserole after refusing to let her microwave the potatoes for the first step of cooking. I also baked a cake. Check out my diverse-ass repertoire.

I hated that Jonell couldn’t make it since she seemed to be genuinely excited, but apparently she’s repping the store in San Fran. I’m a little jealous.

Otherwise, I think everything turned out pretty well. Maybe we can finish the series with a low-key double feature. I love doing it big, but it’s always bittersweet when more people don’t show up.

But that’s life I suppose. You go along and then suddenly…Poof!

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