MOOvie Day

We continued our movie marathon today with The Incredible HulkCaptain America, and Iron Man 2. We took a break in the afternoon somewhere between the movies and picked up some Popeye’s for a late lunch. As though the universe was teaching me a lesson for continuing to do business there, they shorted us our seven biscuits and all of our dipping sauces. On top of that, the spicy chicken seemed to not be spicy at all. Even more disappointing were the ghost pepper wings I decided to try again. I’ve seriously had ice cream spicier than those wings. At least the chicken was fresh and hot in temperature, unlike the fries that were cold and soggy.

By the time everyone left, I needed some time to unwind. Jack got on and played a few duos with me, and though we got close, we never won. I guess tomorrow I’ll clean house again. I don’t know why I thought chicken grease wouldn’t end up on all the things.

Don’t get crazy.

Impromptu MOOvie Night: Deadfall

This morning I played a solo game of PUBG, then eventually joined up with Johnny and Keno. After a while, Keno had to go and Aaron joined in. We played a couple more games, then split up. I wasted most of my day frying a bunch of rice up with some sliced hot dogs.

Josh got on late in the evening and played Rocket League with Johnny and me, but then Mayra texted back and said she and Armando would come over to watch a movie. We watched Deadfall. I can’t remember where I had heard of it originally. It may have been a trailer or a recommendation from someone. I think the cast caught my eye, so I added it to my watch list. I enjoyed the story, but it was a bit weird at times.

Pistol vision in my hands, I want to see my blood across the sand.

Moovie Night VIII: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Tonight, we part ways with Will, who came to us a year ago just as I was leaving Apex. It was nice to be able to complete the Harry Potter series with him and Jesica. I ordered a couple pizzas to be delivered, that ended up costing about three times as much as I intended to spend, but I guess that’s likely to happen when you’re looking for a particular taste of something.

Now to decide what to watch for our next MOOvie night.

Of course it’s happening inside your head, Harry. Why should that mean that it’s not real?

Moovie Night VII: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

It finally happened, after all those failures to launch. It’s MOOvie night.

Work was incredibly slow, with most of the schools having activity days celebrating the end of the year. The real work started once I got home.

Jesica came over after work to help prepare her dishes, and then picked up Will after he finished closing the store. Mayra came over as soon as she got out of her store. All the food turned out pretty awesome.

I made a mix of differently seasoned  chicken breasts, some pre-pattied beef/pork burgers from Walmart that were both time-saving and delicious, and the always-loved jalapeño cheddar smoked sausages. The cheese dip was on point with a touch of chili and cream cheese with jalapeños.

I saved Jesica’s twice-baked potato casserole from being a once-baked potato casserole after refusing to let her microwave the potatoes for the first step of cooking. I also baked a cake. Check out my diverse-ass repertoire.

I hated that Jonell couldn’t make it since she seemed to be genuinely excited, but apparently she’s repping the store in San Fran. I’m a little jealous.

Otherwise, I think everything turned out pretty well. Maybe we can finish the series with a low-key double feature. I love doing it big, but it’s always bittersweet when more people don’t show up.

But that’s life I suppose. You go along and then suddenly…Poof!

Moovie Night VI: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Since we skipped Moovie Night last night, I managed to get a few people over tonight for HP5. Newcomers are always fun to impress. Jordan brought Will, and Jesica came with her friend Austin.

We actually started off by playing a round of Exploding Kittens, which I hadn’t opened until tonight. It was interesting, but seemed to be mostly due to the comic art on each card, rather than about the game itself.

The movie was great, and I’m super happy we’ve been watching through the series again. It’s amazing how much you miss, or forget between each movie when you’re waiting so long for the next one.

Hungry. I hope there’s pudding.