MOOvie Day

We continued our movie marathon today with The Incredible HulkCaptain America, and Iron Man 2. We took a break in the afternoon somewhere between the movies and picked up some Popeye’s for a late lunch. As though the universe was teaching me a lesson for continuing to do business there, they shorted us our seven biscuits and all of our dipping sauces. On top of that, the spicy chicken seemed to not be spicy at all. Even more disappointing were the ghost pepper wings I decided to try again. I’ve seriously had ice cream spicier than those wings. At least the chicken was fresh and hot in temperature, unlike the fries that were cold and soggy.

By the time everyone left, I needed some time to unwind. Jack got on and played a few duos with me, and though we got close, we never won. I guess tomorrow I’ll clean house again. I don’t know why I thought chicken grease wouldn’t end up on all the things.

Don’t get crazy.

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