Impromptu MOOvie Night: Deadfall

This morning I played a solo game of PUBG, then eventually joined up with Johnny and Keno. After a while, Keno had to go and Aaron joined in. We played a couple more games, then split up. I wasted most of my day frying a bunch of rice up with some sliced hot dogs.

Josh got on late in the evening and played Rocket League with Johnny and me, but then Mayra texted back and said she and Armando would come over to watch a movie. We watched Deadfall. I can’t remember where I had heard of it originally. It may have been a trailer or a recommendation from someone. I think the cast caught my eye, so I added it to my watch list. I enjoyed the story, but it was a bit weird at times.

Pistol vision in my hands, I want to see my blood across the sand.

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