Extra Most Bestest

I woke up this morning around noon and decided to go get an Extra Most Bestest pepperoni pizza from Little Caesar’s. I passed Jacob driving the opposite direction on the way home and got the twitches, so I tried eating my way out of it once I got home.

After that, I strapped in for a few rounds of PUBG with Johnny, Aaron, and TJ, and Josh. The first round was really embarrassing. The second round went better, but I probably could have won it for us if I had thought about throwing a grenade. I really feel like grenades need work in this game. There was some Rocket League thrown in, and Johnny and I tried out The Escapists 2.

That basically sums up the whole day. At some point in the afternoon I started drinking vanilla cream ales from the Blackhorse Brewery, and wrapped up the night about the same way.

I’ve been looking for a way out.

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