Surprise Family Visits

My Uncle Giao and Aunt Teresa came to visit with the grandkids. It took me all day to get dishes and the rest of the house cleaned up from last night and then get out of the house, but I eventually made it out to my parents’ house to visit with everyone. The kids seemed to love the Google Home there.

Afterward, Jesica wanted to borrow my washing machine to wash her new comforter, but it seemed too big to fit and she ended up going to her father’s to wash it.

Finally it was an evening of Rocket League, followed by Worms Reloaded with Johnny and Aaron into the early morning. Brandie followed the breadcrumbs from an Instagram comment to discover the blog, so she earns the new site’s first Creeper Award in spite of the whole thing┬ábeing public for the sake of peer review. We’ll see you next time. Same cow time, same cow channel!

You’ll regret that!

2 thoughts on “Surprise Family Visits

  1. Actually, you sent me the mooovie site invite when you first started this but Instagram was the reason I came back.

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