Diamonds! No, lapis.

I ran into my old friend David at lunch today. I hadn’t seen him in probably a couple years, so it was awesome to get to catch up. I always loved riding with him, but he hasn’t had a bike since his big wreck a few years ago. The only solution is twin Slingshots.

After school, I met up with a couple of the summer school teachers to play around in Minecraft. I take for granted the gamer’s intuition I’ve had for years. The kids had to teach them how to climb stairs by jumping.

When I got home, I played some Overwatch with Clint for celebratory anniversary loot boxes. Totes pwned some n00bs. I think I spent most of the night on fire. I guess the break from Overwatch did some good for me.

I’m not sure what’s keeping me from ordering cat food on Amazon.

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