One down, X to go?

Hardly any kids were at school today, even at the elementary level.

I remember always getting perfect attendance growing up. I remember because I got a certificate for a free personal pan pizza from Mazzio’s and some tokens for Shotgun Sam’s arcade, and Dad and I would have a guy’s night out. It was one of the few things we ever did alone together, and I always had so much fun. Both Mazzio’s and the arcade are long gone now. Las Palmas took the place of the restaurant, but I’m not sure what’s in the building where Shotgun Sam’s was. I remember there used to be a seating area on a raised platform in the middle of the restaurant. One of my favorite games at the arcade was a light-gun shooter with little mechanical aliens that would slowly start chomping toward you. As you shot them, they would jump¬†backward, and you got tickets based on how long you lasted before an alien got to you.

Having to do summer projects still hasn’t completely sunk in for me yet. All I’ve really known is just supporting staff, so I hope it really is as fun as I’ve psyched myself up for it to me. I have a few things I know I need to get done for myself, but then I have no idea what takes priority.

After work, I stopped by AT&T and visited with Kevin since I had to get gas from that side of town. From there, a train had stopped across the road home, so I took a detour around town. Allen called with a broken freezer and wanted to store some food, so he and Kristin brought over a couple bags full of deer and other stuff. On the way to meet them, I stopped and rescued a pretty good sized box turtle from the middle of the busy road. I finally got to show off my sound system and home automation a bit, but they had to leave to finish cleaning up the mess at his place.

Brandie called to talk for a while, and I spent most of the night shopping for kayaks, because I don’t have enough hobbies. I may just go get one tomorrow after work.

What’s the point of a makeup snow day if over 80% of the students aren’t even there?

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