What the Duck?

I feel mostly normal after the past couple days of travel. I really enjoyed getting to go out for the conference, and learned some lessons in how to make the best of my time there in the future.

We’re still waiting on some of our projects to come full-swing, so for at least the next week or so we’re looking at busy work. I managed to get out to one of my campuses for a bit. I was talking to Ben when Zach walked in and said he had a question for me that was stranger than usual. He asked if I wanted a duck, and explained that Ryan had found one in the stairwell outside. I’ve never seen a duck anywhere near there, so I don’t have a clue where it came from. I plopped it in the kitchen sink to chill for a while, and it seemed to come a little more alive.

After work, I took it by Apex so Jesica could see it, then took it to my parents’ house for some show-and-tell time there. After dinner, I took it home and put it in the bathtub while I met Jesica at La Chiquita to watch her eat some nachos. Once we left dinner, I stopped by Davis’ Pet Shop and then Atwoods to look for some duck feed. I wasn’t really satisfied with the apparent lack of confidence from the guy there, so I left empty handed and came back home to complete a habitat for my new little friend.

The cats really wanted to eat it, so I set it up in one of the spare bedrooms with some electronic equipment that should keep it pretty warm. If it doesn’t at least pick at some of the stuff I’ve left it to eat, I’ll likely go by the co-op tomorrow.

Got any grapes?

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