HSTI 2017: Day 2

Today was admittedly tough after staying up so late and sharing war stories with Allen. I had been feeling sour since a few meals back, and finally watched in horror as I relived the previous day in reverse. It was the combination that did me in, but I’m a glutton for a deal.

We eventually got checked out and headed to our last day at HSTI. Amanda and I lost out on my first pick for a class on Chromebooks, and ended up going to a security class that was really just a shitty sales pitch in disguise. I’m not sure I could have been more disappointed. I expected at least some coverage of best practices orĀ something, but all we got was a couple of guys literally reading every. single. PowerPoint. slide. To make that even worse, the slides were basically just a list of all the products they sold.

We eventually split for lunch and shoehorned ourselves into some seats in the cafeteria for some subpar catfish. The chicken strips were pretty rockin though.

I kind of got guilted into coming back sooner than I really wanted. They probably would have begrudgingly stayed if I really pressed it, but I was tired too after the long night and rough morning. Gary hitched a ride with AWOL, so it was just Jason, Zach, and me for the ride home. Once there, I took a nap for a while before playing some Overwatch to keep myself awake, then unpacked before bed.

Overall a great experience with some lessons learned.

I don’t want this to sound too commercial, but here are some packets of references from work we’ve done in the past that you can take with you.

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