I keep hearing about how this summer is abnormal for us at work, but I think more work is coming pretty soon. It’s pretty easy to tell who gets the lion’s share of the work around there. I try my best to stay useful. Some of the more outspoken there can get pretty aggravating, but they’re so deep in their echo chambers that it’d be nearly impossible to change their mindsets. It wouldn’t bother me so much if it wasn’t just so much negativity all of the time.

After work, I went to my parents’ house to return Dad’s live mouse trap so he could attempt to catch a rat that’s come around. I rummaged for some more greens for the duck, and had a bit of dinner, then came back home to upgraded the webcam and the streaming system I had set up for the duck. Now I’m able to keep a better eye on it, as well as share its adventures in its eight square foot duck condo.

Not much else to report, sadly. I wish the duck liked me more, but maybe not liking me will give it a better chance in the wild later on.

Magic Springs this weekend. Probably.

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