Soylent Night

When bae makes a duckface every time you take a picture together…

I grabbed the sample bottle of Coffiest Soylent for breakfast this morning. I’ve been wanting to try Soylent for quite some time, so I jumped at the chance for a “free” sample from Amazon. It had a bit of a grainy finish, but really it was smoother and thinner than I expected. The coffee flavor was relatively light, but enough to make it better than palatable. I may seriously have to consider getting some for the odd occasion that I need something quick to go.

I spent the afternoon re-imaging computers in a couple of my labs, and am still having trouble finishing them up. Several of them have failed each time, all by not joining the domain. I’ve broken down the number of simultaneous images, which has helped, but it’s still super annoying having to babysit. The side effect was getting to spend some time in a lab with some proper stereo speakers in the ceiling. I found a particular electronica song with true stereo that was made incredible by the extreme separation of the channels on opposite sides of the room. I think being mounted in the ceiling also helped.

After work, I fed the duck most of the remains of the veggies, so tomorrow I’ll have to go find some more. It’s nice having the webcam now so I can be sure it’s eating, and not just going crazy sitting on the bedroom all alone.

Tune in tomorrow: Same Duck-time, same Duck-channel!

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