Bird Flu

I burned up last night in a major way. I first went to bed with a 100ยบ fever, and felt progressively colder as the night went on. I woke up freezing about every half hour and kept drinking lots of ice water, knowing my body temperature was really high. Eventually I snapped and felt incredibly hot, and tried to sleep sprawled out over the covers.

I had started to install Windows on an old netbook, and continued through the different steps each time I woke up. By the time morning came, the netbook was fully installed with all of its drivers, and was completely up to date. When my alarm went off, I felt significantly better and decided not to call in to work.

After work, I stopped by Tractor Supply Co. to return the chick food supplement that I had mistakenly bought over the weekend, and then headed home to clean up and feed the duck. I spent quite a bit of the evening researching ways to host a duck cam on the site, and ultimately ended the night on a YouTube Live Stream using the netbook I had set up from last night. The webcam on the netbook is absolutely horrid, though, so I’ll have to come up with something better.

Waddle waddle… ’til the very next day.

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