What are Traditions: Father’s Day 2017

Today is quickly becoming a blur in my ill-fated evening.

I got up early and played some EVE with Keno for a while before showering and getting ready to grill out for Father’s Day. It wasn’t until late in the afternoon that I was told we had a change of plans to make spring rolls instead. I felt a little bad because it’s not Dad’s favorite meal, but by the time Mom had dinner ready, I was too tired to fuss over it. Dad had smoked some pork loin that we ate in rolls instead of the boiled pork Mom usually makes. It turned out really great, but I’ve always really liked spring rolls.
I had been feeling a bit cranky without food all day, but by the time I made it home, I couldn’t miss the telltale body aches of some flu-like invader. I completely missed the possibility of salmonella, and jumped straight to avian flu. Either way, I assume I’ll be dead soon. At least I will have prepared the duck one last fresh meal before I go.

Can someone come destroy my RAID if I die, please?

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