What are Traditions: Brexit 1776 (Independence Day 2017)


I woke up with tremendous back pain this morning, so I went back to bed until around noon. When I finally got up, I played a quick round of Battlegrounds with Clint until my parents came by to drop off some insurance paperwork. They invited me to my cousin Lelan’s farm for a 4th of July shindig they were throwing.

It was a bit hot and humid at first, but after the sun went down it was quite nice outside. There was a ton of food, and plenty of room for everyone to hang out on the deck or in the yard, and several of the kids went out into the fields to ride fourwheelers. They had a nice fireworks display to end the evening. I’m really just glad my parents got out of the house. I wish they would do something – anything just to live a little. Sometimes it makes me feel guilty for some reason, but I really shouldn’t let it. It’s up to them to enjoy the life they have.

It’s nice to follow tradition occasionally.

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