The Backbreaker

There were only four of us at work today. I split off and worked at my building while the others kept busy at the shop. I pinched something in my back while I was bent over a computer desk, and have been hurting all day from it.

We went to Spices “Grandma Recipe” food truck for lunch, and I had the girl surprise me with something. Based on the receipt, she got me a spicy stirfried noodle dish with shrimp, steak, and chicken, but I didn’t really see any steak or chicken that I recall. It was delicious, though, and I had no expectations going in. I’d definitely go again.

Ben let us out at 2:00, so I came home and fed the duck some fresh greens, then sat down at the computer for some Battlegrounds for the remainder of the evening.

When did I become old enough for back problems?

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