They love dirty laundry…

I was supposed to do so much more today. I was going to go buy the supplies to build a pen around Bác Vân’s garden for the duck, but that didn’t happen. I was supposed to meet up with Josh to go to Conway to visit Best Buy and watch Spider-Man, but that didn’t happen.

I did manage to pick up a few more laptops to trade in, but it’s taking me forever to wipe them and reinstall Windows. I also did a bunch of laundry, so it wasn’t like I was just sitting around all day. I even cleaned out the duck’s bin and replaced its water bowl with a smaller dish to keep it from splashing everywhere. I’ve been busy, just with different things than I expected.

I went to my parents’ house for phở, then came back home to continue working on the laptops. Not feeling sleepy at all, I stayed up and played a couple rounds of Battlegrounds with some of the guys.

Hopefully I won’t have any trouble with the trade-in when we go later this week.

At least my clothes will be fresh this week.

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