Having a duck is exactly like having a human child.

I wasn’t sent off to any projects today, so I spent most of my time working on my deployment for Autodesk Inventor. It’s still not working. I’m running out of time fast. I hate it.

After work, I took Bác Vân to Lowe’s, then Tractor Supply Co. to shop for chicken wire. She’s convinced the duck won’t fly away in a month. I got 50 feet of 3-foot tall chicken wire for $15 though, so I’m willing to at least get the duck smell out of the house. It’s really too big for the bucket now, and hopefully it’ll be happier in the garden anyway. Luckily, Dad had some fence posts I could use, so I didn’t have to spend anything on that.
I’ll re-home the duck in the morning. She’d better not eat it.

Seriously, I know exactly what being a parent is like after this past month.

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