I finally got some successful deployments at work today. Allen and I went to Linh for lunch, which was surprising and awesome. Ben is the only one that has ever gone there with me before. Allen really liked the sweet and spicy chicken he got, and I had the phở.

After work, I came home and fed the duck. It looked like it had gotten into a smaller water dish I left out, which is good. The food dish was also full of water though, so I’m sure Bác Vân did that unintentionally while watering her garden. I don’t know what time she normally does that, but I’ll have to figure something out to make sure the duck’s getting food before it gets ruined every day.

I finished the night with some Battlegrounds and a couple depressing games of Overwatch. I’m going to try and get to sleep earlier tonight with the hopes that I’ll feel better rested in the morning.

Why do we live in a world with metered internet usage, and where I have to threaten to cancel my cable internet in order to get a better price?

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