I’m callin’ in sick today!

I woke up still holding on to the fever from last night, so I called in to work for at least a half day. After going back to sleep, I didn’t wake up until well after lunchtime, so I let them know I’d be taking off the rest of the day as well.

I couldn’t kick the fever all day, but I managed to call Suddenlink to complain about my rate. I went from $94 for 100Mb and telephone service to $54 for 200Mb service and no telephone. I call that a win.

Late in the evening, I called Brandie to see how her mom’s doing. Apparently she’s been in the hospital after a multiple bypass, compounded by diabetic issues. She says she’s doing relatively well, but still has to get through therapy to regain some independence.

I’m just now starting to feel better, so hopefully some sleep will get me back to normal for the morning.

Ain’t goin’ to work, no way!

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