I can’t believe I told you so…

I’m in such a state of fury, shock, horror, disbelief, and frustration. I missed out on the duck yesterday because I was sick. I went out this morning before work to feed it, and I couldn’t find it anywhere. After giving up on chasing it around the pen, I went in to get some food for it. On the way back with food, I discovered it. The bill. Just the bill. Something had ripped my duckling apart. Completely destroyed it. Literally only its mouth was left in my lawn. I’ve never seen anything like a cat do something like that, so I’m assuming it was a raccoon or something. No feathers, no bones. Just a beak.

I trudged through work. Ate Brick Oven. Went home at 4. Played some Overwatch. Listened to some Linkin Park.

Fuckin’ duck, man. Nothing like nature to remind you how savage and unforgiving the world is.

Just like some predator to make a meal of my duck and then stick me with the bill.

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