Birthdays and the Hilarity of Racing Toward Death

Today, my family would get together to celebrate a joint birthday dinner for my sister and Bác Vân.

I started off playing a bit of Overwatch this morning until I had to start getting ready. Jesica stopped by to visit for just a bit before I was supposed to leave, and gave me the biggest, most intentional hugs I’ve ever received from her. It was a hilarious role reversal.

After only a few minutes, I showed her out so I could take Bác Vân to meet the rest of my family at Linh Vietnamese Cuisine. Dinner conversation ranged from a murder most fowl, to how to purposefully deface my parents’ own cemetery plots as a strategy to sell them back to the cemetery, to my father’s retirement and whether to opt for survivor benefits. I suggested he remarry a significantly younger and healthier heiress as to draw the benefits for an unnaturally long time. I’m sure that’s never been done before.

After dinner, I went home for a little while before going next door to hang Bác Vân’s new 49″ LG TV with the articulating mount I bought her. I was surprised to find one defective part and four screws that were too short to follow the provided directions, but we improvised and powered through the install. My parents forgot to pack the power cable with the TV, so I had to run over to their house to retrieve it, but I eventually got her sorted.

I waited up all night for someone to show up for some gaming as promised, but for the third night in a row, I was left to my own devices.

My hands have been a bit tender since drinking last night, and I’ve no idea why.

Perhaps it’s Death.

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