There’s more than one way to cook a squash.

I finished up some laundry today while watching Avengers: Age of Ultron. I remember seeing this movie late after its release at the Carmike theater in Fort Smith with Jack and Nichole. It’s a pretty cheap theater to begin with, but we watched the movie on one of their worst screens to boot. I was already upset that I didn’t catch it in 3D, so I remember getting up from the movie a couple times for bathroom breaks or snacks. I figured I’d be sure to catch it in 3D once it released on Blu-Ray. I finally got to watch it, but I need to take the plunge on a nice OLED 3D TV for myself. I just feel guilty because of how much money I spent last month.

Josh asked me out for a late lunch/dinner, but I had forgotten my parents planned to grill steaks, so I had to back out of dinner with Josh. When I got to my parents’ house, Dad had grilled a few steaks but left some for me to grill. It wouldn’t have been that much of a problem, except all of the charcoal had been used up and I basically had to restart the grill from scratch to get anything cooked. Then after I ate, Mom came in and fussed at us for not having grilled some squash and zucchini she bought. I told her I normally only grill squash like that because it’s something you can grill and not necessarily because it’s something I enjoy grilling, or that even tastes better on the grill.

She packed me a huge bowl of fruit, and I headed home to pick up some eggrolls from Bác Vân, and then I settled in with some Battlegrounds with Johnny and Josh. Jack eventually came on and we played a couple rounds together before bedtime.

That’s what you get for eating dirt, you idiot!

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