Public Anxiety and the Importance of Context

A poster in health class about the tobacco industry.

Ben had me go to the junior high to log their phones back in this morning after a reset. There, I happened upon a curious poster about high school. By the time I was done, they said they didn’t need the extra help at the high school to hand out laptops, so I met up there at lunch and stayed for the afternoon. It was really pretty mellow, but I imagine the new kids coming in will be the worst part.

After work, Bác Vân called and offered some rice and shrimp she made, so I went and ate over there before coming back home. The cats were out of food, so I made a late night run to Walmart that really got to my nerves. I haven’t been quite right since then. Sometimes I want to go to see the world. Tonight I want to go to escape it.

Mini vacation soon. Maybe that’ll reset me.

It’s life. Nobody makes it out alive.

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