I’m starting to remember how much I didn’t like the beginning of last year. The work orders just won’t quit, and I can barely stay caught up. I spent all morning waiting to hear from the freight delivery guy with my TV. He finally brought it around lunch time, and helped me drag it into the garage. I also had my receiver held at the UPS customer service counter so I could pick it up tomorrow.

After work, I came home and spent all night setting up the new TV. I cut a hole in the wall to run power, but I don’t have an HDMI cable long enough to run behind there yet. It wouldn’t be a problem if I actually ran it to keystones like I planned, but I lost some screws to hold my wall plate together. Seeing the TV display just a few bright pixels on a bright screen really is amazing, though. I’m excited to get some proper ambient lighting behind it.

The TV doesn’t actually look much bigger than my old one, but the bezel is tiny, the screen is super thin with a slight curve, and the contrast, colors, and blacks are stellar. MOOvie night is coming back soon. I can feel it.
Having an Asian mother has given me an appreciation for nagging criticism.

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