Sweatshops and Computer Labs

Today was the big day to have our auction winner pick up our old lab computers. I spent all morning cleaning up other work orders, then swung by Wendy’s for a quick lunch before meeting the guy. Ashley, the girl that always seems to take my order, remembered my name, and we laughed about how that’s the sign that you’re visiting a place too often.

After my quick bite, I went to Center Valley to start our journey of a thousand (200) computers. Being a rich school, it is our only elementary that actually has two computer labs. We cleared it out, then continued through six other campuses to load up. I ended up taking too long and didn’t have a chance to go by UPS to pick up my new home theater receiver.

After I finally finished, I went to my parents’ house for a cooling dip in the pool and some leftover soup for dinner. I didn’t stick around too long after that, exhausted from the afternoon’s work. I came straight home and played someĀ Overwatch by myself until bedtime.

The eclipse is coming! We’re doomed!

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