Pack and Cram

I definitely tried to cram too much into my day. I’ve gotten sloppy because of that.

We hung one of the new touch TVs at the junior high today. They’re heavy and difficult to move around, for seemingly no reason. I cleared out as much of my work as I could before my vacation starts, but I’ll have to hit the ground running as soon as I get back.

After work, I spent far too much time setting up my new home theater receiver and not nearly enough time packing. It’s difficult to pack a suitcase the night before when I still have to use things that I’m packing. Having a CPAP just makes things even worse.

I’m excited to get out of town though. Hopefully I can find some headspace. Hopefully it’s not overcast for the eclipse. Hopefully we don’t get stranded in a town with failing infrastructure due to the massive influx of people.

I’m just hopeful like that.

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