The Return to Somewhere Like Home

Today’s the day we packed the RV and came home. I didn’t really miss it. The RV was pretty comfortable for the past four, going on five days. The only things I had waiting for me were the cats, fish, and work. I really almost didn’t want to come back.

The trip didn’t feel long from the back of the motorhome. It didn’t really feel like a long trip on the way up, either. It’s nice being able to stretch and move around on a trip. It made me really think I might be able to pull off living on a boat. I played Link to the Past most of the way home on my old Game Boy Advance. Now I don’t know if I’ll ever finish the game, because that’s my habit – play a game for a while, and then never pick it up again until I’ve forgotten where I am and have to start over.

Dad made the mistake of packing my pillow away in the RV, so it didn’t make it home. Fortunately I bought a pair, but I’m a bit worried I’ll bring fleas home with it when I finally get it back. Bác Vân called just as I was unloading my suitcase from the car and offered some egg rolls, so I went next door to pick them up, then came inside to do a bunch of laundry. I left my suitcase and duffle bag outside for now, just in case they got covered up in fleas. Things like that just make me hate having pets even more.

I still haven’t had much time to compose my time lapse video from the eclipse, but it’ll happen soon. I guess for now I should try and get some sleep.

It just doesn’t feel like home.

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