Little Sleep and Big Expectations

I only got about four hours of sleep last night. Waking up wasn’t terrible, though, and I didn’t have to drag myself out of bed like I sometimes do. Everything’s still here. Just how I left it. I ended up staying at work about three and a half hours late trying to catch up. I’ll get there some day.

Dad went to Uncle Rick’s to get my pillow back for me, which was super nice of him. I told him it wasn’t urgent, but I guess he felt bad, and didn’t have much else going on for the remainder of the week he’s taken off. I went by my parents’ house to pick it up after I finally left work, and then came home to some of the Blackhorse Pub Vanilla Cream Ale I picked up this weekend. From there, it was Overwatch all evening until Jack and Johnny got on to play a round of PUBG. Now it’s time to put this rattling mind to rest.

I get along without you very well.

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