The Excavator

I’m not really caught up yet at work, but I’m not feeling the stress any more. Maybe I’ve just accepted my fate. Things still haven’t settled into any kind of groove yet because I’m assuming everyone still has early-year stuff going on. It’s kind of frustrating to find solitaire running on your team leader’s computer when you’re helping him do something, but I’ll choose to believe he was just getting ready to play it during his lunch hour.

I took a couple gallon bags of leftover hot dogs from the junior high because I didn’t figure anyone else would eat them. I guess that’s my life now. Maybe I can retrain myself to start saving all of my money again.

After work, I came home and mostly just lost track of my evening digging through my entire house looking for a 50 foot HDMI cable I bought a few years ago. I got enough of my desk cleared off for my home theater receiver, so I finally have sound coming out of my JBL Studio 530 speakers and sub. I never did find my 50 foot cable, but that really would have been too long anyway. I just need 7 or 8 feet to reach my PC.

I also found a bit of inspiration.

I’m jumping off of the world now. I’ll never stop; never slow down.

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