Deep Loy

Today got hot and clammy really quickly. There’s a tiny chance of rain just about all week long, and Bikes, Blues, and BBQ is this weekend. I hope it cools off by then.

I had talked to Zach about lunch, but when the time rolled around, he slid out with the others. I kind of let it bum me out for the afternoon, so I had a Soylent and powered through some new PC deployments. I’m making a noticeable dent in it now, at least.

After work, I went by my parents’ house to help finish up the eggplant soup, then came home where Bác Vân had some leftover fish soup to give me. I talked to her for a little bit and mentioned my Soylent, and she wanted to try some, so I gave her a cacao to try. Nobody else has really been interested, so I was happy to share.

I capped the evening with some PUBG and Rocket League that didn’t go very well. Tomorrow will be more of the same of everything.

Nothing good happens here.

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