Mellow Monday

I spent all day at the junior high today. I didn’t really stress too much over anything. I only got a couple new computers deployed, but got several more pre-staged and ready to go. I’m almost done with the ones I have in my office now.

I took a slightly late lunch and went to Wendy’s to try out their Giant Junior Bacon Cheeseburger combo, and was quite pleased with the experience. At first I was a little disappointed in the size, but in the end it was a good amount of food for five bucks. I finished with some time left and decided to swing by Apex to see who was there. Eric is working out his last few days before starting at HP in Conway, but he’ll be commuting, so I’ll still have the chance to not ever see him around even though he lives in town.

After work, I went by my parents’ house to help clean up some fish soup, then came home to do another load of laundry. I found out my Play Store credit from doing surveys expires at the end of the month, so I spent all evening on and off browsing through the store to find the perfect few apps to buy with my $9 worth of credit. I’m still stuck around $5, so I’ll have to obsess over it some more tomorrow before finally choosing something I was eyeing early in my selection process and ultimately feeling buyer’s remorse after the purchase.

Such is the life of an obsessive.

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