Sunday Done Day

I slept pretty well last night after such a long day. I probably should have gone to bed earlier to avoid waking up so late, but at least I felt well rested. I had a brief inkling of ambition toward cleaning the house, but as usual I squandered the day away to who knows what.

I got out of the house for dinner at my parents’ house, but found myself frustratingly unsatisfied with the shrimp soup my mom made. I’ve found myself in a trend of getting unnecessarily annoyed or aggravated any time I go to my parents’ house, and I don’t fully understand why. A part of me thinks it’s the anxiety I get from driving across that part of town and the broken nerves I get when I expect to run across the wrong person along the way. Another part of me wonders if I just see too much of the past and how I don’t feel any progression in their lives as they’ve fallen victim to a lifetime of routine that I’m trying my best to avoid falling into myself. All I know is that I feel overwhelmingly unhappy when I visit sometimes, and it doesn’t necessarily have anything at all to do with either of my parents. I actually really enjoyed having them over to watch an entire movie the other night. I think it’s just an unfortunate combination of a lot of different things.

When I made it back home, I did a couple loads of laundry to bring today at least a little bit of accomplishment. In the middle of that, I found one of my containers of vegetable oil had sprung a leak in my garage. I transferred the oil to a different container and spilled oil everywhere in the process, but I got most of it cleaned up. Fortunately I had some old kitty litter that soaked it up perfectly. I guess I’ll get rid of all that oil I was keeping, since the fry oil diesel vehicle dream is dead in favor of having fewer things.

Maybe I’ll have friends again when it’s cooler.

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