The End is Nigh

I had a great deal of trouble waking up this morning. I felt super drunk or hungover or something, but I hadn’t had any alcohol for days. It was just a weird form of grogginess from sleeping weird, I guess. When I did finally get up and out, I spent a little time bouncing between buildings before settling in at the junior high. I’m getting really close to finishing the deployment.

After lunch, the freight company delivered my tower speakers to me at the office and I loaded them into the back of my car. I was really surprised not to have to give any ID, or even have it delivered at the proper destination. That, paired with the fact that they were content to just hold on to my package until I called them didn’t fill me with a great deal of confidence, but the journey was already over.

Jason came to the junior high with me afterward, and helped me run a couple more lines. Friday will be spent up on the lift to finish up. I need to talk to the teachers to confirm what times I can get in and out.

When I finished at work, I came straight home and unloaded the speakers. The kitty litter worked surprisingly well to clean up the vegetable oil that had spilled a few days ago, and I got the speakers into the dining room. I’m completely out of space at this point. I’ll have to do some major rearranging to make this work.

I tried playing Battlegrounds and Overwatch, but didn’t have much luck with either. Hopefully I’ll get some decent rest tonight.

Everyone thinks they’re the exception.

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