Cafeteria Food

I had my wellness checkup this morning. Apparently I’m down 10 pounds from last year, but I definitely don’t feel like it. I don’t even know why I’d be down at this point. Most of the time I actually feel fatter for no particular reason. The Soylent typically makes me feel pretty good though, so I guess I’ll stick with that. I guess I could give up food at any point, but I still use it as a social event.

Ronda sent me an email this morning inviting me to have cafeteria salads with them for lunch. I got a bit lost in the cafeteria until Hobby pointed me toward the adult bar they had in the side room. I ended up filling my container almost entirely with salad from the kids’ bar, and then went to the adult section and crammed even more in it. They had some kind of chicken and cheese hash brown bake, some chicken salad sandwiches, and pinwheels of some sort. It was actually a pretty decent spread for $3.60. We ate in the library, then chatted for a while after.

I ate the remainder of my salad before I left work for the day, then came home and played someĀ Rocket League with Josh. I’m more than a little disappointed with the rank I earned last season, and I didn’t realize the season was already over. I’ll have to make more of an effort this season.

Moovie Night needs to happen again soon, but I have too many hobbies, and the internet is just such a warm blanket of laziness.

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