Keep On Lifting Me Higher and Higher


Today was the day I was supposed to get a lot of things wrapped up at the junior high, and I got really aggravated when everyone seemed to jump at other jobs rather than help me again. It really seems like this is a trend, and I don’t understand why. Maybe I’m perceiving it wrong, but it feels like I’m quick to offer help, and last to receive it from certain people. Zach and I got the lift and ran a bunch of cables for the choir room, but didn’t get to the band rooms with just the two of us there. What we did run, we never actually finished.

Most of us went to Arby’s for lunch, where I had one of the worst examples of an expectations versus reality that I’ve ever had. It wasn’t quite Bikes Blues and Barbecue rib eye sandwich level, but it was pretty bad. It tasted good, but it was dry and the presentation was just awful. In fact, looking back at it, I’m positive the guy actually gave me something completely different from what I asked for. Apparently I wasn’t the only one with that experience either. To be fair/grossed-out, he did tell me he wasn’t feeling well because he had been sick.

Sad, sad reality…

Allen came to help me after lunch, but we really didn’t get anything accomplished then on account of the band practicing for a parade in the afternoon. I finished up some things in the building by myself before we got to leave work early at 3:15 to beat the parade traffic. I ended up going back to the office for something, then chatted with Ben for quite a while.

I was waiting for Josh to come over so we could go to Conway, and ended up stopping by the Boys & Girls Club to see Becky’s computer lab setup there. We talked for a while there until Josh got to my house, and I raced home to pick him up. He showed up dressed to the nines, so I broke out a button-up shirt and jeans for a night out.

We went to Best Buy first to spend some expiring credit I had. They happened to have a relatively fair price on a cable modem I had been eyeing, so I picked it up for no money out of pocket. Josh was just glad I didn’t get the blender I was contemplating. Afterward we went to Chipotle where I was accidentally shorted on the steak in my burrito. It was already so full of other stuff that I didn’t bother fussing over it, and it tasted awesome anyway. After we ate, we walked around Walmart for a bit before the movie.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle was pretty good. I’m still kind of surprised that neither of them came out in 3D, but I guess it really is kind of going away as a fad. That really upsets me, but I guess the changing market and how people consume media has decided the fate of 3D for me. Like tonight, it’s not uncommon to go to see a movie on the weekend in a mostly empty theater.

If it’s windy tomorrow, we sail!

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