I spent this morning catching up at the junior high since I only finished a couple things there yesterday after wastefully sitting on my hands all day at Oakland. As lunchtime neared, Zach showed up in my building on official security business and said they were going to Western Sizzlin for lunch. I met them there and made them watch as I shoveled an hour of food into my mouth hole.

After lunch was a lot of back and forth between the office and Oakland just to standardize one teacher’s PC setup because she had something out of the ordinary from a grant that the previous teacher had gotten in that room. I guess grants are cool for getting new tech into places like that, but it makes standardization a real pain.

After work, I came home to open up the pillow top mattress pad I ordered so it could decompress as much as possible before bedtime. While I was here, I watched MKBHD’s first look at the Pixel 2 and followed the link in the video description that surprisingly took me to the store page that suddenly showed my color and size choice in stock. I don’t know how or why it suddenly showed back up there, but it was still showing out of stock on the Fi site, so I went ahead and placed an order while I could. I’ll finally get to try out Fi, and hopefully have a bit better service with the addition of local T-Mobile towers.

Dad summoned us for phở, so I went to their house for dinner. While there, Julie was super tickled that she suddenly knew everything about my life from totally-not-binge-reading-at-all-and-just-skimming the blog. I guess that really sums up relationships in the new millennium. Try and know as much about someone as you possibly can without actually interacting with them in any meaningful way. Whatever’s going on here is a bit of a step beyond a Facebook post or an Instagram selfie, but it’s all still the same. What started out as a personal diary will quickly become some form of entertainment for someone else.

And so it goes.

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