Unnecessarily Sat

I was stuck at Oakland pretty much all day today for a bit more testing. Fortunately, Ben came to help me run some cable that needed to be run, so my entire day wasn’t just a bust while I was there. It was super aggravating that I didn’t really resolve a single technology issue for them. Literally the only troubleshooting steps they have to follow are to restart the computer or move the kid to a different computer, but still I get pulled into a room because presumably I have some sort of techno-magic touch.

Casey is moving to a different campus, so they had a goodie table for her along with leftover chili dogs from their O’Down, so I had lunch with Becky there. Later in the afternoon, I went back to the office and found myself sleepy from sitting all day, so I just ended up chatting there until it was time to leave. I felt a bit guilty though, and ended up going to the junior high to wrap up a few loose ends, then took a new wireless access point back to Oakland on the way home to finish off the cable run from earlier in the day.

I had to get some gas, so I ended up stopping at AT&T to chat for a while before eventually making it home to some solo Rocket League. Eventually Josh came on, and we played doubles until bedtime.

At last, the war on drugs is over. We won.

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