I got a lot accomplished today at work. I really am almost done deploying new teacher computers, and I should be down to just a few trivial cable runs. I worked through lunch just because I was on a roll.

After work, I went by my parents’ house, but they were gone to pick up Dad’s car. While I was there, Bác Vân called to let me know she was cooking egg rolls, so I went home and had those for dinner instead of digging out more leftovers. I spent most of the rest of the evening completing the setup of my new phone, but ran into a snag when I tried to activate it on Sprint’s network. The new phone didn’t come with a SIM card, and Sprint links their devices to their SIM cards, so when I plugged the MEID of the new phone into the website, it spat back out the SIM number it was expecting to have come with the phone. Mom and Dad came by right about then just to say they didn’t even get the car, and I was already frustrated with phone stuff, so I super didn’t care.

After they left, I started a chat session with HTC, who has always proven to have excellent customer service when I’ve reached out to them for anything. He assured me I wouldn’t be charged for not sending my old phone back in time, and escalated my ticket to someone for additional help. Maybe they’ll swap out my replacement for a new device!

I wound down with a few rounds of Rocket League with Josh, and then encountered the weirdest spam messages I have ever seen in my life while composing this entry. I remember the good old days when I got spam about Britney Spears shooting down spy satellites with her vagina. Now it’s all flat earth conspiracy WordPress spam, and all I can think is that someone needs to reset the simulation. We went terribly wrong somewhere, and we need to analyze the data and start over fresh.

U.S. Attorney General Seeks Custody of Paris Hilton, Intends to Confine Her at Gitmo

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