The Last Migration Before the Great Migration

Not much notable about work today. I spent all morning extracting headphone plugs that had broken off inside of iPads. I never got to several of the things I wanted to do because I didn’t have certain parts on me, and I got pulled to hang a TV after lunch. Lunch was fair though. Quiznos with Ben, Gary, Zach, and Sara. After work, I went to my parents’ house to finish the bowl of food I left yesterday, then stayed to show Mom how to use her Google Home to cast media to a Chromecast I left them. It’s upsetting to be the only one with any drive to be on the cutting edge sometimes.

Once I got back home for the evening, I tried wrapping up the migration from my old HTC 10 to my new one. It seems silly to do this all now just to have to do it again in a month, but I’ll probably mostly start fresh on the Pixel when it comes in. The UI may actually be different enough that the layout I’ve been using for years won’t work as well there, but time will tell.

Heartburn tonight. Get it together.

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