A Scar No One Else Can See

I made myself wake up at a semi-regular hour this morning after staying up until almost 5 the night before. It was more or less a lazy day. Around lunch time, I got an email from Domino’s telling me that my reward points would expire if I didn’t earn any more today, so I decided to pick up some wings and finally try their philly cheese steak sandwich. My old coworker Neal met me at the drive-through window, and we chatted for a while until my food was ready. The sandwich was good, though it seemed a bit light on the toppings. I also tried their mango habanero wings, and I found them to be a bit sweeter than I was craving. Probably best to stick with buffalo wings there.

After lunch, I played a bit of Rocket League with Josh and a very frustrated Johnny. That really can tend to suck the fun out of a game. Eventually I got around to showering. I felt a bit tired, so I ran a bath about halfway through and just laid there for a while.

When dinner time rolled around, I went to my parents’ for some leftovers, but when Mom said leftovers, she really meant she was going to cook more food. I don’t understand. I started to feel a bit sick to the stomach after eating some, so I came home and sat around while I started setting up my replacement HTC 10. I also found a (conspiracy?) site by Max Landis where he dissects Carly Rae Jepsen’s pop music to discover the true meaning behind it all.

And all that we could do with this emotion.

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