Runner of Blades

I slept quite a bit better last night, and felt comfortable enough to sleep in until nearly noon. Dad made pancakes, so I went there for breakfast for lunch and made a short animated Jif. Afterward, I came home to rewatch the Final Cut of Blade Runner. I’m really glad I watched it again after so long, because I basically didn’t really remember any important details from watching it years ago. It looked great in 1080p even after all these years.

I went back to my parents’ house for dinner before meeting with Aaron, his dad, and TJ to go to Conway for the new Blade Runner 2049. As usual with the late shows, there was hardly anyone else there. The movie was awesome, and the story didn’t ever feel like it was dragging on in spite of how long the movie actually ran. As we left, Aaron spotted a red balloon someone had tied to a railing to copy It. I think we’re planning a trip back for Thor: Ragnarok, but we’ll rewatch the first and/or second one here first.

Sometimes to love someone, you’ve got to be a stranger.

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