I’ll Be Straight with You

I woke up with a pretty wicked headache this morning, so making it to work was a bit rough. I tried out the new straightening brush I got over the weekend, and it did a great job of keeping the ends of my hair from getting super tangled throughout the day. I even got some compliments for having my hair down, but I was feeling too lost to take advantage of my diva moment. I just couldn’t find anything to focus on, so I picked at a few things throughout the day to keep myself from getting behind.

Dinner was spring rolls with my parents, and I got to watch my sister help my mom with her iPhone some more. The more I watch them, the less I understand why someone in either of their positions would choose Apple as a platform. What I really miss more than anything else is my old Palm Prē.

Once I got home, I played a few losing rounds of Overwatch and Rocket League for their seasonal rewards.

It’s only logical.

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